About Us

Negotiating Contracts

The energy and telecoms market can be complicated to both understand and navigate, with over 20 commercial energy suppliers and countless telecoms companies to choose from.


To ensure the best deal for you:

  • We go to the market and tender your supply

  • We negotiate with the suppliers to get the most competitive rates to suit your business

  • We then present it to you in a simple format

  • We talk through the options, enabling you to make the best decision

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Our Team


Gareth Hammond


Gareth’s background is in entrepreneurial companies and as an energy consultant, helping SMEs to manage and reduce costs, particularly in the hospitality sector.  Prior to this, he managed the sales side of a new commercial finance concept and company, building to £180m a year turnover within two years.  Gareth has always sold via affiliates and relationships, ensuring that clients are looked after and given best advice.  Gareth heads up the sales, introducer and affiliate side of the business.



Belinda comes from a business management, troubleshooting and processing background.  She is responsible for the processes of the business, and ensuring that the customer journey is smooth and effective.  She can also often be found at the end of the phone ensuring customers receive the help they need.  As well as looking after operations, policies and procedures for the group, she heads up the MerchantSense side of the business.



Sam has come to us from a very large and well known UK energy aggregator, and before that, worked for a telecoms specialist.  His roles have ranged from direct sales, to supplier manager, to key accounts manager.  These roles, have given him ideal experience to head up the operations of UtilitySense and TelephonySense.  Sam is the main contact for all new TelephonySense enquiries, and manages all new UtilitySense customers.  His close client relationships, leave him perfectly placed to recommend our other services that are relevant and helpful to our customers.


Julie has worked as an energy broker for 15 years and knows the market inside and out.  She is responsible for heading up the Powertel UK brand of the business, a Sheffield based company that was acquired in 2018.  Julie’s main role is to renew the existing book, supporting customers should they come across any problems through the year.  If we want to know something about the energy market, we ask Julie!

Julie is also the first port of call for any of her existing customers considering our other services.


Ben works on larger clients with half hourly meters, and a large gas consumption.  He has been in the market for 15 years and understands client needs.  As well as obtaining the most competitive deals for our customers, he also spends a lot of time sorting out supplier issues.


  • In addition to ensuring that you always remain on the market competitive rates, it is vital that your energy account is managed through the year.

  • Account management is all part of our service and our undertaking to you.

  • We will deal with any supplier queries that you have.

Our Aim

Our aim is to become the outsourced utility arm of your business, providing you with a first class service from negotiation to servicing; ensuring excellent rates and account management.

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